VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

The Greatest Ignorance Of All

Take the steps before the door, with bleak, river behind thee
Dark descent of evening, and majestic primrose scents, dance free
Each passing of moments, towards this new gateway, from dreams
Flock, many thoughts and ideals, that rush to her, like flowing streams

The landscape of the world, between light and death, dark and life
Seeking the key to this entrance beyond, that is the balance, upon the knife
Swing open to reveal, the corridor of twisted oak and majestic birch
As a forsaken treading, of mortal souls, the darker shadows, seem to lurch

Small creatures and eyes of crimson red, peer to her, be these spies?
For onward did her destiny lay ahead, far from the deception, of lies
Unravelling this time upon the plane, that is beyond meek dimension
A confusion made to clarity, as is unequal to this unbridled, new equation

Step, following step, following step, following step, upon marble ground
Purple and navy pathways, that illuminates and brings, an educating sound
The ache of her chest, confining thumping heart, reminds that is no dream
A floating congregation of candles, without gravity, what does that seem?

The vines that grow over, the once paved, so onwards be the forever future
Lichen, moss and all green species, that covet upon, the brick stone picture
Hair deep in fire, so fine in its colouration, flaming the gown of purest white
As slippers, of the golden thread and woven stitch, that weaves through light

Charms upon her eyes, the moon beam, lunar blue, pierce the hearts of men
Brought to this place, summoned upon her consciousness, now that is to deepen
Treading that which is onward, no more a place, to be reconciled of her passing
For all knowledge sought, that is found, within these corridors of ever lasting

Be it that a trick is played here, that would it be a lust, for all knowledge sought?
Has encaged her beauty, to dwell in ignorance, of her imprisoning that is brought
For to seek such wisdom, cometh a price to be the walker, of these walls of all power
Unbeknownst to its new pupil, a forgery is dealt, knowledge, real, freedom, stupor

The maiden of such enigmatic beauty, the world so tirelessly seeks, no more
For her longing is that of the unthinkable, the unfathomable dream of all law
That is without boundary, her searching is now a curse, for an unredeemable infinite
Could it have been? That she fell, like so many other souls, before her? Such a pity

by Vision Ghost

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