EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

The Greatest Love Of All.

Standing on the highest mountain in my land,
glorious like the sun radiating cosmic lights.
The feeling i feel but i don't understand,
is nothing but the greatest love in all sights.
I knew what you are to me,
the one i love more every day.
I'm the wave lost in your sea,
i'm the one always to head your way.
And your voice is like rescue to my soul,
now, i know that i'll breathe to live.
The love i feel for you invades my all,
i need not to take but to give..
Even if they stood still,
in the way between the two of us.
I'll fight for you i will,
i shall not be seperated from you by a distance.
It must be a greater thing,
the most powerful thing of them all.
The reason why birds don't sing,
and beauty get imprisoned behind a wall.
I call your name and i know,
this gale i feel is in my heart.
And this star that started to glow,
was mine but still dark at the start.
Every little thing in my life,
they thought it little but it's not for me.
For emotions i like to survife,
for you i live and with you i hope to be.
And then, beautiful, becomes all,
life, people but you mostly are.
You are my angel and for you i fall,
as in the far sky falls a star.
I fall unaware of where i'll land,
i do't care but to fall in your arms.
Different is all and i understand,
nothing but i fly among stars.
And how i feel for you,
is never like what i felt before.
I'm deeply loving you,
you are my illness and still the cure.
No matter how often i write,
and no matter how long i live in days.
You are the beauty of love in my sight,
and for only you i am always...

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Comments (2)

Beautiful. Thank you, Jeannie.
very poetic! nicely written... I look forward to reading more of your writings ~Divina