The Greatest Miracle

Studies of the firmament may find organic life's begun
As it has on Planet Earth where, warmed by a friendly sun,
Life, the greatest miracle, abounds in reproductive forms
From the frigid Arctic to where the tropic sunshine warms.
From the main street in Peoria to the mosque in Timbuktu
Excepting on the darkest night, there's always Life in view!
The living shrub, the jackal, the migrating birds in flight,
Evolve with forms nocturnal which occupy the night
Wild sheep on the mountain slopes that gambol in the snow
Are miracles, as is humankind, in valleys down below.

Mankind, albeit self-serving, has assigned itself to be
Proprietor of the Master's works through all eternity
With no "officials" to intervene and no "ecologists" to consult
Primitive man had not foreseen that evil could result!
Thus man gained knowledge, power, and skill, and a multitude of talents
But he felt no need (or had not the will) for population balance!
Wild creatures, hunted and deprived of living space
Still are killed, or caught and caged, to please the human race
A plague of ethnic strife with religious implications
Cause wars around the world affecting scores of nations
So, despite higher intellect, no one can truly say
That Man, this destructive, can continue to hold sway!

The all-knowing, the Almighty Power that fashioned cosmic space
"May" have meant Earth's environment for Life's only birthplace!
This is all that can be truly said for we don't truly know!
Yet clashing dogmas based on myth seem to daily grow!
If man adopts what's truly known, rejecting myth for calm reflection,
Human kind may unify in one inspired direction!
It's not just hopeful expectation or an "optomistic view"
To think man may yet accomplish what he's designed to do!
His gift of greater intellect, his vision and his mind
Can bring Life's numbers into balance, including his own kind!
The world will be in harmony if mankind proves its worth
As guardian of the miracle, Life, and of its home, the living Earth.

by George Hymer

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