The Greatest Truth

The lovely ornaments are still glittering as before,
The old woman loves these the most,
She has kept all the jewels with great care and affection for years,
Believing the glorious things will beautify her forever.
But she has forgot the truth that time is unforgiving,
The valuable ornaments suited her the most when she was young and beautiful,
With the time she has lost her dazzling beauty and spark,
Whereas the precious objects remain the same, magnificent and unaffected by the ravages of cruel time.
The ultimate truth is that the woman is old and wrinkled now,
After a long time as she sees herself in the mirror wearing her dearest possessions,
She understands in grief that the excellent ornaments are no longer suitable for her old and feeble physique at all;
It's hard to believe for her,
But she has to accept greatest truth with a heavy heart,
Indeed time is so relentless that it does wait for none.


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