The Greedy

They finance your home and they finance your car
A necessary evil is all that they are
Those behind on their car loan repayments their cars they re-possess
Of the financial hardship they cause their customers they couldn't care less
One wonders how the billionaires who run such institutions with their consciences can live
They only know how to take they don't know how to give
The unwritten commandment take care of yours they surely do live by
And much wants more a well known saying to their kind does apply
They have condemned many an ex home owner to a life of financial hell
Behind on mortgage payments they re-possessed their homes to sell
Seen as successful people many them do celebrate
They have helped a few to millions but poverty they too create,
Wealthy and powerful people they control every town
And they do not show any sympathy for people who are down.

by Francis Duggan

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