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The Green River
(1870 - 1945 / England)

The Green River

Poem By Lord Alfred Douglas

I know a green grass path that leaves the field,
And like a running river, winds along
Into a leafy wood where is no throng
Of birds at noon-day, and no soft throats yield
Their music to the moon. The place is sealed,
An unclaimed sovereignty of voiceless song,
And all the unravished silences belong
To some sweet singer lost or unrevealed.
So is my soul become a silent place.
Oh, may I wake from this uneasy night
To find a voice of music manifold.
Let it be shape of sorrow with wan face,
Or Love that swoons on sleep, or else delight
That is as wide-eyed as a marigold.

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The title of the poem, though sounds nice, is not justified by any line of the poem.
PART #_3__d] Greta Green was a destination for romantic runaway marriages- - e] so I suspect the green river might be a bit of a code for the relationship he and Wilde had and which he called in one poem “the love that dare not speak its name.” Detective Susan signing off.
Part 2- -b] he had an affair with Oscar Wilde and they often met in two room suite at the Savoy that feature a large bed with silken green bed curtains - c] they had a portrait painted of the two of them, Oscar with a green jar and a river in the background-
Part One- Sort of Answering Glen's question- Glen, I found a lot of references to Green in his life- -a] green seemed to be a word referencing homosexuality in his day much like the word gay references homosexuality today- -
Line by line a superbly crafted poem.