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The Green Star
MS (25-11-1960 / Pakistan)

The Green Star

Poem By Muhammad Shanazar

The tablet of the Green Star
Is a tablet of the comfort
And we all adore it a lot,
An apple of the eye,
A support for the wild lovers.
The Green Star
A source of confidence,
A source of new life,
Who knows it made us free from how many apprehensions, and fears,
And stuffed our lives with the stuff of happiness.
Now my sweet-heart your bulk and body,
Will remain the same as they are,
You will not boost in any way,
You will remain vigorous and active,
No change will occur to your belly,
So my sweetheart devour the table
Of the Green Star without fear or fright.
It is a tablet of the comfort,
Then the magma of our bodies will gush like water,
And dissipate like foam,
From the same spot where from sprouts
A state of self-denial, and where
Only dainty delicacies embrace one another,
Where echo the soul sucking rapturous songs
Where gurgles the fount of intimacy,
Where wires break on the violin of desire,
At the same spot
Owing to the Green Star,
The magma of the bodies water like flows
And dissipates like foam, men and women are born,
If that water and foam do not flow or evaporate.
This is the miracle of the tablet,
On account of which you will remain lighthearted,
And you belly will remain the same as it is now,
Neither fear of procreation, nor anxiety of slander,
Yes; this is the wonder of the Green Star,
Someone rightly said
The tablet of the Green Star
Is the tablet of the comfort,
The tablet of lost sight
The tablet of freshness
And it is the tablet that guarantees
Oneness of the bodies in hurries,
It is the key that resolves all worries.

Written by Ronaq Hayat
Translated by Muhammad Shanazar

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