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The Greener End

I know you, I know who you are.
Your the happiness in their life.
The smile on their lips.
But when they see you like this...
Letting go without a fight.
Don't have the strength to see the light.
I know you.
Your the tear they cry.
The pain they hide.
Do you think your time is up?
Do you see the greener grass in your yard?
Do you think your lost?
I've felt that pain before.
Felt dead but still alive.
Your not alone.
It's not the end.
You have to get up and save yourself this time.
It'll make you stronger, make you learn a little faster.
When the darkness ends, you'll find yourself standing on the greener end.
It'll take a while to mend.
But its ok, all these people in your life they love you.
They'll wait for you on the greener end.

I wrote this for a friend of mine... hope you like it!
© Antoinette Winter

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Very nice, what a wonderful feeling of support!