The Griot

Come to this Circle
where all Truths are told
where all Gods are guiding
where all Lanterns illuminate
where all Beings vibrate.

Be the griot,
the sun, the moon,
the earth.
Let the Stories you speak
be the height I reach.
Cuz I’m feeling you
in each ancient life.
I’m touching you
in each mystic sight.
The darshan of the dialogue.
The vibration of the voice.
Be my storyteller
through all my eons.

O Keeper of Stories.
O Deliverer of Voiceless.
O Companion to my Soul.
Be the griot
that keeps me
to your side
and enlightens
and sanctifies
and lets me apotheosize.

This ain’t no easy life
this ain’t no paradise.
Life got the pain that rains.
Life got the cries that rise.
So let your Stories
be my refuge.
Let your sagacity
be my holy city.
Let our journeys join
and say free at last!
Cuz we can’t go nowhere
without our past.

We got words full of fire.
We got verbs that inspire.
We got the energy that touches.
We got the ashe that rushes.
We got Love that’s forever.
We got Friendship that don’t say never.
We got ponds of light in our hearts.
We got winds of change in our art.
We’re griots within this planet’s prana.

And we can cultivate and celebrate
with Oral Tradition
that emancipates.

Your Stories levitate within my atoms.
Your zest exonerates all my essence.
Your greatness unchains
to relieve the pain
in this life
that lets us feel so lame.

Orishas delight in our offering.
Buddhas dance around our unfolding.
Galaxies mobilize and say Revolution!
Oppression shatters to human evolution.
The downtrodden are called to ahimsa.
The jail cells open from Cali to China.
Slaughter is undermined by Solidarity
and all we know is sweet charity.
Ghettos are galvanized with scintillation
and under Love, it’s a new nation.

But it starts with Us.
The griot and the listener.
And together
can make things better:

A new world of Unification.
If we believe,
it is our creation.

So let the griot within unravel the legend
to open the cage we all stuck in.
Cuz Storytelling is the rectifying,
we just got to start trying.

Awaken the wisdom within,
That Which keeps us in our skin.
Cuz Stories are shaping,
ages are shaking.
Be the griot that does
the Making.

by paz paulsensacks

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