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The Grisvolds And The Tide
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Grisvolds And The Tide

The Grisvolds settled on the coast,
they were rambunctious, more than most.
The ocean played all day and night
with waves of foam in God's own light.

But when the Watergod Poseidon
decreed that they would need a hidin'.
They built their flimsy cardboard shacks
right near the beach, there to relax.

It had no choice but to withdraw
until all ocean creatures saw
that freedom had indeed returned
and thus the subject was adjourned.

But as you might imagine well
life can become a total hell
if you from home away are forced
and thus the ocean felt divorced

from its own beach and its sweet sand
it did not like it far from land.
And thus, each day it comes back twice
to ascertain with its own eyes

that those strange folks are still around,
(a plan was hatched that would have drowned
the Risvold Clan by tidal wave)
it was the closest ever shave

but Father Risvold was a man
who had for everything a plan.
He led his tribe into the sea
because he thought they would be free.

And since that time exotic creatures
with somewhat human looking features
live in the waves and twice a day
they travel in and then away.

The ocean kept to its routine
and to this day it can be seen
at intervals of just six hours
to race to shore with foamy showers.

Of course the Grisvolds are not found
(remember that they 'somewhat' drowned)
this is the reason for the tide,
believe me, I have never lied.

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I agree with Mary....you would make a good children's book writer...you have quite the imagination.
I still say you would be a wonderful writer for children's books....with that imagination! I'd buy them. Sincerely, Mary