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The Guardian
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

The Guardian

The Guardian is a statue
On the capitol’s new dome
Looking down on Oklahoma
From his new and special home

Thousands of Oklahomans came
To see the Indian made of bronze
Sculpted so very beautifully
Looking handsome and so strong

Forced to relocate in the 1800s
Taking routes in which many perished
Indians died from sickness and starvation
So this statue shows they’re cherished

The building was designed for a dome
But it was only built this year
The work was finally done
Bringing admiration and some tears

For we honor those many people
Who lived through so much pain
Who fought to keep their values
And to rebuild their lives again

So if you get a chance, folks
Some and see the strong bronze man
At Oklahoma’s capitol building
He is called the Guardian!

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