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The Guardian Of Good Spelling's Greatest Hits - Cento
AEN (1940 / Freedom's Ring, U. S. of A.)

The Guardian Of Good Spelling's Greatest Hits - Cento

Poem By Albert E. Neumann

Cento: a literary work made up of parts from other works

He showered the audience with obsenities
The scribe D'esparbe's wrote of his distain
I cant for the love of me
The boy who daily cast his brazon cannon
For this side of our known world esteem'd him
I lent down planted a kiss, on her cheek
Felt there way in the erriely fantastic world
When i gaze upone your hairy continence
Down to missisippy to the lake of mexico
And wether you are Indonesion-
Son if you mastabate
A kind of yesty collection, of winnowed opinions
Just spectres and manifestations of lost pysicality

The above cento is comprised of the work of the honorable, esteemed poet Mr. Allan Saywell, Poemhunter's self appointed Guardian of Good Spelling

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Allie, I think about you day and night Is that allright? Albert P.S. I count 4 errors in spelling in your little comment Allie...perhaps spellcheck? ?
These errors can be found by a swift perusal of Mr. Saywells new postings. I shudder to think how many one would discover by examining all 983 of his postings. Even I do not have the stomach to suffer through all that dreck. AEN