The Guardians Of The Sky

To what is this orb that toward earth shines,
Illuminating the many dark corners of the night,
Piercing through the dark and lonely wilderness,
To show the innocent the way home.

There’s nothing in the dark the orb can’t spy,
No mission or secret a man can hide,
Try as you might,
Futile your attempt would be.

But does the orb hide secrets of its own,
Things stationary, concealed behind it’s glowing face,
Mysteries that yet hold the key to a new life,
A life of living in the dark and realm of shadow.

But fear not the dark at night,
The dark may be overpowering but its might is short lived,
With the downfall of night a new power arrives,
The power of light and warmth.

The orb of day has power beyond measure,
Power to rid the world of darkness and fear,
When the orb of day cometh the orb of night retreat,
The unrelenting assault taking its toll.

Yet the next night and every night approaching,
We will see the orb of night glowing in the sky,
This if nothing else proves to us that,
Darkness is a part of the day, just as much as light.

by Thomas Vaudin

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i loved how your poem started so strong and ended so simple Darkness is a part of the day, just as much as light (Beautiful poem good work) Eman Awad