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The Guessing Game
JEG ( / Beechhurst, New York)

The Guessing Game

Poem By Joan E. Gettry

A bright new day unfolded from my Apocalyptic night
Of which I knew not, where I've been
Nor whom I was in company with
But according to the dictates of my subconscious reactions
Upon a bright new day, I know that I've been
With the Creme de la creme through my apocalyptic night.

And OH! what a night it must have been,
For the joyous vibrations the subconscious
Raps upon my door of entry.
The sweet repose it rushes through my senses
Have made me coil the ropes from the subconscious,
Hoping to review the full spectrum
Of my Apocalyptical night
But the subconscious will not bend,
It simply will not yield to my demands,
Instead, it reprimands;
"Take what I give! And enjoy to the fullest."

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