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The Gunman (A Song)

He stepped off the front porch
With his pistol in his hand
Walked out in the city streets
To face the other man

They called him Bigfoot
But Sam was his name
He was as big as a grizzly bear
But they loved him just the same

A drifter came to town that day
Had eyes for Sams wife
You could tell by the notches on his gun
He lived a gunmans life

The people they all stood around
There was fear old Sam would die
He was no match for the gunman
That was out to take his life

Out in the city streets
You could hear a pin dropp fall
The gunman laughed and drew his guns
We could see our good friend fall

The gunman walks up to him
Old sam is on his back
Old Sam shoots with his forty four
The gunmans eyes roll back

Old Sam he stands up
Starts dusting himself off
No one messes with his wife
He said that pissed him off

They burried the drifter gunman
In Tombstone late that day
The accounts of what had happened
Are marked upon his grave

' Here lies Ed Moore '
' Four shots from a 44 '
' No less '
' No more '.

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