HHJ (21 April 2009 / England)

The Gutless Oner

Here I am again oner
just to taunt you some more
and just to let you know the score.
You have drifted around this site
for years causing agony and pain
and tears as you went.
No one ever stood up to you,
well at least until now.
Now you have me to contend with
and if I find you hanging around
causing your mayhem
then I promise you that each and every night
I am going to insult you at every chance I get.
You are a gutless individual
and I do not suppose you have a friend,
which is why you sneak around with your ones,
and pretend that you are some big shot
of which you are not.
You are just a gutless coward,
the muck you find at the bottom
of someone’s cesspit.
Now you have three options that lay ahead of you.
You can either own up to whom you are,
go away and never come back
or stay and find my insults piled on you each day.
The choice is yours gutless oner.
You may think I am afraid of you,
think again, I am not.
I am the one who is standing up
for all the decent poets here.
You can dropp a one on this
just to add to your satisfaction and if you do,
I will be back tomorrow
to throw some more insults back at you.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Poetry is best writting when coming from any strong feelings. Positive or negative. Excellent job. 10 +