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The Guy I Love Isn’t Perfect
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The Guy I Love Isn’t Perfect

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

His eyes are brown and often seen
And he’s as deep as a tequila shot
He would rather keep himself unseen
And he can’t really be considered hot

He walks like he’s scared to fall
And like his clothes there are no others
He can’t fight, so you wouldn’t find him in a brawl
And he wouldn’t give his life to save another

He plans ahead a hundred years too far
And nothing about him is exciting
He’s a guy that’s not really into sports or cars
And he’s not that good at writing

Soft, golden hair is great
But brown and common is more like it
Intelligence is not his dominant trait
And he doesn’t like to commit

His singing is like torture that from his lips can pour
And his drawings are most certainly no Monet
And while books are things he rather ignore
He wastes money on them, every other day

He is never the tallest person in the room
And some say he’s a little too thin
He always wears the wrong perfume
And I don’t enjoy it when he grins

He always makes these half-baked schemes
And he has terrible timing
He doesn’t work well in a team
And he’s not too good at rhyming

But still I believe we make a good pair
Because he seems to be the truth and I the dare
“And yet by heaven, I think my love as rare
As any he belied with false compare”

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