The Guy I Noticed One Day (Written By A Friend Of Mine)

Poem By Selena Star

I just realized something today
And i thought to myself
'What a retard! It took me 2 weeks to figure this out! ? ! '
Well this is how the story goes...
My boyfriend broke up with me a while back
And the Monday when we got back to school
The freshmen class went on a retreat.
We went to a ranch, and it was just a little something
To get us away from the school
So we could learn in a different way.
We learned about college and all that stuff,
And how graduating effects how much we will be paid,
And after we got done we went outside for freetime.
We stayed overnight and had lots of fun.
And we got creeped out a little too...
Or...i SHOULD say, ALOT!
...We got back during 8th period
On Tuesday, and we didnt get much time to do anything.
Wednesday, at school, i noticed someone
I'd never noticed before, so i asked a friend
'Hey, who's that guy? I've never seen him before'
So she told me his name, and i told her
'Hmm...maybe thats my next victim'
(Whenever i call a guy my victim
It usually means that he could be my next boyfriend)
And she just told me to shut up and started laughing
So i started laughing too and changed the subject.
But in my head,
I was thinking about maybe 'hooking it up'
But i thought 'Nah, he wouldnt wana get with me'
So i kept it to myself, and never spoke of it again
Then one day, we introduced ourselves
While working on a project
And he was pretty cool after all
And we talked alot, and got to know each other
But i still hid my emotions...
And we stayed cool with eachother
And talked every once in a while
And then about a month later
I found out that he wanted to ask me out
But something held him back, and he didnt do it
He still wanted to, but i guess he thought I'd say no
So he didnt ask, and i didnt tell
Were still good friends to this day
We talk when we see eachother
And crack jokes about eachother all the time
I just hope that he gets the courage
To ask me out, with nothing holding him back

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I like this one. Good work.

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