The Ha Ha Lads

I am glad we had this talk
About how your head is too small for your body
And how the 12 year old juvenile in you plays factotum to chance

Interrupted non-confrontational aesthetic
Mimes meetings with strangers
It hurts to talk to someone you don't know

I am not comfortable when you laugh
In tandem with the ha ha lads
And their bonding rituals of ridicule

I don't know how to talk to perfection
And I don't know who to accuse for this
No one is blameless here

They are gaseous and inconsiderate
Americans made of clay and rayon
Pledge fidelity to those who turn a deaf ear to the ha ha lads

Snigger at the awful age
The ha ha lads impress the large animals by wearing shirts with logos of small animals
The victimhood clique deserve their own reunion

I will love you until history stops sending discontent to trip up peaceful remembrances
Owner offspring are the exact opposite of sweat drenched bandanna proles
Grumble soundlessly each time they walk away smelling of the bodyspray of obnoxious teasing

by Raj Dronamraju

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