S ( / NYC)

~the Hallway Of Hell~3

Gabbing Her by the hair
then grabs her dress as it already starts to tare
he drags he down the hall
into the darkness filled with fright

slams her through the second door
tossing her upon the floor

he doesn’t even turn to shut the door
instead he stays
all eyes fixed on her
watching her
basking in her fear

she crawls to the corner
evil grin grows upon his monstrous face
he loves it when she tries to fight

his eyes turn blank
rage springs forth
as he steps further away from the door
she begs
she screams
but it only makes him enjoy it more and more

‘Play time baby doll’
he says
as she starts to scream

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nawww.... wtf! ! ! ! please, PLEASE! ! tell me this isn't a true story? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
OMFG! ! ! WTF! ! ! .........
*gasps*! ! ! ! i think i know where this is leading!