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~the Hallway Of Hell~the End

he tares her from the floor
drags her to that horrid bed
like too many times before

tosses her down
without a care
he enjoys the thud form the head bored
as her head smashes against it

clothing shredded
blood shed
skin bruised
that little girl used and abused
as time and time before

the stories of what went on in that bed best forever left unsaid
once the monster was finished
she was tossed to the floor
as so many nights before

only to return to the hallway
to sit in the corner shuddering in fear for the next monster to appear

this poem series is based on a true story

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Your series is a new epic poem of this century that has resemblance of Spenser's ' Fairie Queen ' expressing agony multitudes of women in this depraved society. I appreciate your poetic talent and the courage to take up cudgels against this social evil. Compose a complete epic on this theme that will go down in the history of poetic literature like 'Paradise Lost'.
DAMMIT! ! it is a true story lol, well i hope it wasn't you.. actually no one deserves this to happen to them... damn it! ! i want to kill this monster dude type thingo lol... i like the fact your back writting poems again tho! ! woot woot, Kaila -xXx-
Reading all those killed me.... i didnt want to even read it to the end because of heard this b4.... great story which keeps the reader keen, even know they know the outcome. But my heart sinks after each chapter because there is nothing we can do: ( Soul
Strong poem! I'm only JUST catching my breath from reading it... I'm sorry that poem is based on a true story... I hope the lil girl will b alright...
wow, thats really sad....and very messed up, poor little girl