The Halves And Half Nots

My moon's half full,
Your's, half new.
When looking up,
See what suits you.

You loved with only half a heart,
Understood with half a brain,
You'd have been the better half,
If you'd half a mind to stay.

Leaving was only half the battle,
We waged a half-arsed war;
I ran for cover with a full notion,
I was getting half, no more.

'Better half than none at all.'
Is what they said to me;
But they don't know the half of it;
Believe half of what you see.

by Francie Lynch

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The bouncy, almost whimsical rhythm of this piece belies and cruelly contrasts the pain of heartache and broken relationships that lies submerged beneath the lines. Finely crafted writing, but that's your trademark, of course. :) s