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The Hands Of My Angels
JP ( / Canada)

The Hands Of My Angels

A touch of pain but wanting to cure
A light comforting touch and the spirit soars,
The hand that reaches out - a tip of hope,
The hand that tickles, the heart rejoices

The hands of my angels
They bring thoughts of hope,
In my world of despair, they are touches of comfort,
Kind hands that points out, there's a world outside have a look.

Fresh hands that waves; hello how's your night?
Soft hands that says, I'm here it's alright,
The world may differ but we made it this far -
Things may have changed but your spirit soars high.

Angel's hands that cleanse and make ones body fresh and alive,
Ready to face the day - no matter the hurdles that comes by,
The hands of my angels compassionate and kind,
Always there to remind there are good people around,
Their wings like white doves, I too can be one.

PMH 11/2010

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