The Happy State....

happiness rests on my sofa
i am beside it
you paint an image of me
in bright colors
i become the sun
in your early morning
you put the last stroke of the
and sign your name
your name is happiness too
we part when darkness falls
we dress for
another rehearsal
of the dance of life

i have seen so many happy steps
at daybreak
i put a smile and keep it again
and you wonder
what are those things that i have
seen that you have not seen?
i sigh
to the wonders of my secret
my morning rituals
before the monitor of this
word tool

i am happy, i am happy
my soul dances on the mountains
reaches for the chunks of my skies
at the top of my voice
i sing

you will never know why
there is no reason to put on the wings
of my newly found


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