SM (17 april 1993 / india)

The Hare And Turtles

A year or two ago
In the land of ‘Prickly toe’
Lived a hare full of rage
In a burrow just like a cage
When he was a baby bunny
He was cool and he was funny.

His great-grandparents once decided
After thinking they presided
An assembly where they commanded
To have a race which was demanded
By the citizen’s of the jungle
Between a hare and a turtle
But the hare family
Became very unlucky
The turtles were slow and steady
Energetic and always ready
They won because of this quality
Yes, this is the reality
This the reason which makes the hare
Full of anger, which none can bear.

He practiced and ran for miles
In a speed which blew up files
When he thought he was almost perfect
He went to the turtles to see the effect
Of his unwanted arrival
Which caused them fever and viral
He again challenged them for a brand new race
They all gaped at him with pleading eyes asking for grace
The oldest turtle refused to accept it
For he thought they were just not fit
Because he knew that the hare will never repeat
Their first mistake which gave them defeat
And made them lose
But they didn’t have a choice to choose.

The date and time was soon fixed
Everyone’s reactions were mixed
Some were happy and delighted
Other’s were least excited
The whole jungle knew that the hare will take
And learn something from his old mistake.

The turtles made a fool- proof plan
The oldest of all suddenly began
“The twin turtles shall make us win.”
He continued with a broad grin
“The twins Bugs and Rugs will take part
Rugs in the beginning will alone depart
To the ending line and will wait
Meanwhile Bugs will have to cross his fate
Because he will begin with the hare
Run with caution and full care
He will run with all his might
And will then jump into the lake out of sight
When the hare will reach the end
He will have to surely mend
His broken heart after seeing Rugs
And I will pray that Rugs and Bugs
Will win this historical game
And will bring us honour and fame
Please lets all pray together
Before we go there and gather.”

All too soon the race began
And the restless hare really ran
Very fast to make turtles loose
And put his power to some use
The turtle Bugs saw the hare disappearing
So he jumped into the lake which he was nearing
Rugs was standing just a bit away
Near the ending line out of the way
He could now see the glimpse of the hare
So he started running to win which wasn’t fair
The audience could see the winners now
And couldn’t stop asking just ‘how’
When rugs crossed the ending line
He could see his trophy brilliantly shine.

Even though the turtles won the game
They were not much happy with their fame
They thought that a fair game would’ve been better
and their satisfaction would’ve been greater.

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Shristi...keep going..very nice thoughts