I Am Sad You Are So Far Away, A Spanish Love Poem By Leo In English Translation

I am sad you are so far away
I crave for you beside me every single day
I look for you in my dreams I do not find you
I imagine you lying beside me and I kiss your face
I try to caress your skin through the the face of my damned pc
I do not feel you, you are so far away.
Come, come to me my love, do not delay
Even if you come to say: I love you
And then go away.

by Ravi Kopra

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Sometimes blinding ourselves to what we do to survive is the only way to keep going another day
Poop poop is such a relief to do getting rid of all the crap in you food in your mouth shit out your south the cycle relentessly continue whether many or a few turds in you eject easily or slowly drag thru daily it's the same as your bowels proclaim 'once again the shit is due! ' this poem isn't profound about that lovely brown mound some in fact will think it crap and i humbly agree with all that's bottled up inside me
Wikipedia Says...It is one of his best poems... And I feel the same He felt with his race With his girl friends Why they sell them selves... He was real poet...Honest Never a play boy