(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

The Harp And The Lyre

The harp and the lyre,
Music! !
With the eyes of the lofty;

The rich rules over the poor.

Wine and oil,
Rich, reach!
A horse for a battle;

Luxury is not fitting for a fool! !
Like the tambourine and the flute;
Cute with the truth! !
When the right thing is done.

A covering of goats' skin!
Bin, pin, in!
Overcome your sin with the truth.

Children! ! !
Train them with the truth,
With righteous morals,
For the peace of the world.

The thief steals! ! Kills and destroys!
With the muse of the wickedness of mankind on earth;

Seek humility,
Seek kindness,
Seek righteousness;

Deep in your heart,
With righteous morals;
Many years ought to teach wisdom!
Under the umbrella of righteous laws.

Talents to pay for,
Gifts of life! !
Do not be inflamed with Wine;
Only with the truth,
Fame from righteous characters,
To tame your heart with righteous laws.

Game, name!
Lips of love and,
Hearts of peace;
You can change your heart by making the right choices.

The harp and the lyre,
By the Rivers of Babylon!
Who is exalted?
Only the truth;
For the peace of the world,
Without hatred and war.

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