The Haunted House

Whenever a passing wind blew,
The sound of the front doors two,
Made such a screeching noise,
That terrified all the neighbors.

The house full of cobwebs,
And the jumping jolly rodents,
Were the sole occupants
Of that haunted house.

As a love-failure girl, teenaged,
Years back, committed suicide,
They dared not go near,
That house out of fear.

A government doctor posted
To that remote village needed
A separate isolated house
To reside with his spouse.

He got that house cleaned,
All the doors well greased,
The walls colorfully painted,
And on a good day occupied.

By the dead of night, one day,
A sound, in the front hallway,
Of someone walking, he heard.
But seeing none went back to his bed.

In the medical college he studied,
How many dead ones he dissected?
He wasn't afraid of any ghost,
That, he believed, didn't exist.

At the Doctor's courage, they admired.
'The ghost fled out of fear, ' they rumored,
'For the Doctor's knife that tore the dead
Can even cut the ghost of the dead.'

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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I like this very much. Seems like a true story. Often men of science do not believe in invisible things (for better or worse, LOL) .