The Haunted Ship Of Fools

On the haunted ship of fools
The sea surrounding the ship is gentle for the time being
The haunted ship has creaky rigging

The planks have become moldy and rotten
Lots of memorable and adventurous times are gone but not forgotten

The haunted ship of fools is home to an undead seaworthy crew
Whose rules and ways are theirs and theirs alone
As they proudly inherit this ship as their own

The haunted ship of fools sails on
Looking for the next high seas robbery
As well as many discoveries of silver and gold

by Justin Gildow

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Uber Kindererziehung (Concerning Children's Education) Wer straflos Mutwill ubersiebt an Kindern und sie nicht erzieht, dem spater vieles Leid geschieht Sebastian Brant, Das Narrenschiff (ship of fools) ,1494 A riddle - Those who punishment forsake, Children they do not educate, And later much evil is their fate. Sidi Mahtrow translation That fole that suffreth his Chylde for to offende Wythout rebkynge, blame, and correccion And hym nat exhorteth, hymselfe to amende. Of suche fawtes as by hym ar done. Shal it sore repent: god wote howe sone For oft the faders foly, fauour, and neglygence Causeth the Chylde for to fall to great offence. Alexander Barclay,1509, translation of Brant's ship of fools That fool that suffers (allows) his child to offend Without rebuking, blame and correction And he does not urge, himself to amend Of such faults as by him are done Shall he sincerely regret: as God knows For often the father's folly, favor, and negligence Cause the Child to be involved in great offense. Mahtrow's interpretation of Barclay's translation
very creative thing to write about, very nice