The Haunting Of Guilt

I have lived long enough,
To no longer be surprised...
By how it is those who choose,
To live their lives telling lies...
Use tremendous excuses to make.
And some of the most creative alibis,
They will try to hide behind, deny and fake.

Nor am I shocked to overhear,
How someone has discovered...
A believed faithful mate, spouse or lover,
Has been observed in secret places...
Sneaking around cheating with another,
Deceiving with belief no one gets hurt...
While they wine and dine to share dessert.

Many people are not honest.
Especially with themselves first.
When it comes to making decisions,
That a self serving selfishness for them is deserved
So many people today are just not honest.
Until it dawns upon them too late to realize,
The harm they cause to themselves...
Affects more than their own lives.

Those people today displaying dishonesty,
Perceive a forgiveness from others to ask...
Will have their misdeeds erased.
And with time what has been done will pass.
But some actions committed,
Are cursed and can not be reversed.
As the haunting of guilt continues to visit.
With a sitting in one's mind to taunt. AND lurch.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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