The Healer

I looked to the sky in hopes of a bright new day.
But all I could see was dark clouds ahead.
I searched and I searched the whole day through;
But peace was too far beyond my reach.
How can the world be so cold and bleak?
To one who cries out in sobbing pleas.
Who can tell us what lies ahead,
If all we can see is gloom and dread.
There is only one place you can look to for relief,
When everyone else has left you in despair.
Look to the cross for comfort and peace.
For only in Him can your future be sure.
Only in the Lord can you truly depend.
To guide you and comfort you when all else fails.
With Him by your side there is nothing you can't do.
So put on a smile and be no longer blue.
I speak from experience about all these things.
That all I needed was the strength of the Lord.
And no matter what fate throws at me each day.
With the Lord I could face it and never look back.

by Ellen Woodard

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