AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

The Healer....(To My Son)

I can never forget,
the earnestness and the look,
with which,
you held in front of me,
a page of a notebook,
'see mummy', u said
I got.'.very good.'.
clever boy, said I..
not knowing how trivial were the words I uttered,
right from childhood,
u were, sincere, hard working, like a child should
today u are a man, self made, doing well,
a healer of bodies, God like to the very sick,
so proud am I,
that you are flesh of my flesh,
we could not give you all you wanted
, but we really did try,
destiny made you a healer,
when all you wanted, was to fly
I wish for you great things son,
which your hard work will surely bring,
remember, nothing is greater than a fellow man's blessing..
the dignity of your work cannot be surpassed,
be true to the values, that u have amassed,
I can only bless you, the rest is in His hands
I hope he helps you, to leave your footprints in the sands

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