The Healer.

Poem By Laura Cummings

I race to your side and press my hands against your warm smooth skin,
Our eyes lock I take a deep breath and the connection begins,
I see into your soul and wonder if you can see mine,
I feel our souls entwine as I get a rush of images,
Flashes of your past,
Images of how you see me,
And the strangest thing is that through your eyes I am beautiful,
I feel us pulling closer as a white light wraps around us tickling our skin.
Suddenly we’re naked,
And I can’t remember how that happened,
Our bodies are now so close that its almost like we share the same skin,
Our lips lock and move together in rhythm,
And for the first time in my life,
I’m healed,
I’m one not half,
I am whole.

Comments about The Healer.

I like this poem now. Funny what cleaning up will do. If you could change the its to it's (it's not possessive) it would be great. Best wishes H
Actually I just put that into word and now must send you my apologies, most of the previous was more about laziness when it comes to checking my work rather than the disability, I also had only five mins to type it up so I was rushing... I've cleaned it up now :)
No there is no spell check and my complete lack of ability to spell... is actually a disability so.... besides as long as you can read it and it takes the stress of what ever im feeling who cares what he spellings like... but sure ill get a mate to check it.
Actually, there are twelve errors in this poem. Counting the missing apostrophes. I can't find a spellchecker on my computer though, perhaps she does not have one. H
Laura, sweetie,6 spelling mistakes...if you're going to avoid insults like this, you'll have to use should be on your PC.

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