The Heart And The Heart Aren'T Separate (Honest Beauty Never Lies)

Poem By L.E. Arndt

The heart and the hearth aren’t separate.
She’s an old woman and her old chair.
Both a fragile finger and a gleaming ring
Weave a cruel comb through her silver hair.
Looking through her window,
You’ll see age and beauty there.

She sweeps young color across her aging lips.
She tries to hide her beauty lines.
“I look old”, she sadly says,
Forgetting that beauty doesn’t mind.
Attraction may make many fools,
But honest beauty never lies.

He rests his hand upon her shoulder
And raises her up to meet his eyes.
“You look lovely tonight, ” the old man says
To assuage his weary bride.
She blushes and opens her mouth,
But honest beauty never lies.

“Here’s to many more to come, ”
He toasts the Siren by his side.
Never before was any man
So taken with his bride.
Vanity steals your youth and pride
But honest beauty never dies.

Comments about The Heart And The Heart Aren'T Separate (Honest Beauty Never Lies)

At 19, this conveys a tremendous amount of sagacious perception. Can't wait to read more from you, L.E. ~sjg

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