The Heart Has Reasons

I saw you
Amidst a crowd of nameless faces
I saw you
And though there should have been no reason
For my attention to be accosted,
Somehow my gaze became soft-focus
And homed in on your profile
Shutting out the periphery
As the room became smaller

I saw you
As if you were the only one around
I saw you
And watched as you talked and laughed
And danced your eyes
I listened for the strains of your voice
But all sounds melted in the heat of the moment
And formed globules
Which pounded inside my chest

I saw you
And it registered on the Richter scale
I saw you
And shock waves caressed my senses
And I drifted away
Lost in long-forgotten excitement.
But all in a moment sanity hit
Like a cold shower
Feelings, guilt-ridden and numbed
Cascaded into inner blushes

To the logic of the mind
There are no excuses

But the heart has reasons of its own

by Bob Oldfield

Comments (3)

I saw you And it registered on the Richter scale.... a VERY POWERFUL GLANCE! Great wording to make the intense feelings. Patricia Gale
Well written.This mind is the villain in most cases! ! ! Would like you to read mine'When the Heart Speaks'
And those reasons can get you into a lot of trouble! ! ! ... ;) dan