(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

The Heart Of A Nation

The land of beauty,
The land of joy,
The land of plenty,
With the pearl of tourism to blow my mind!
But, the pride of a nation is all about you.

The home of peace is like,
The people's paradise;
the land of hope is like,
The home of hospitality;
The land of equity is like,
The state of harmony;
And, the food basket of the nation is with joy!
But, the pride of a nation is all about you.

Home for all is like,
The salt of a nation;
Home for solid mineral is like,
The centre of commerce;
But, the sunshine state is where to share your love with,
For, the pride of a nation is all about you.

The state of caliphate and,
The liberal state of love;
For, thenew world is always around you! !
But, the jewel in the savannah is all that i share with you.

Coal in the city of love,
And like the fountain of knowledge and power! !
But the heart beat of a nation is like,
The centre of excellence!

The state of a living spring is like the gateway to all!
But the peace setter state is what i share with you;
Because, nature's gift to a nation is like the rainbow!

Of the big heart of love and,
Of the centre of unity to all mankind!
For, the young shall grow;
And, the treasure base of life is the status of peace.

The pride to farm the land,
And of the confluence state of my mind! !
But, the power to show love is like,
The Creator's own state of mind to a nation!

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i like the way you applied simile on this work......BRAVO.....