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The Heart Of The Battlefield
NC (28/01/91 / Manchester)

The Heart Of The Battlefield

Poem By Natalie Clyne

Drums sounding in the deep
Armed forces approaching
What to do
What could be done
This the end, not likely
Fight to the death
Fight to the death
Fight to the death
Our orders clear to us
Shoot to kill
Show no mercy
Our soldiers merely men
Shaking behind their shields
The enemy drawing near
I give courage to men
Yet keep none for myself
My mind questioning my heart
Finish my duty or follow my heart?
My duty s to my heart
I look to the eyes of the enemy
They know my thoughts
To not fight the opposing men means certain death
But to walk away
Means to die in peace
A luxury rarely given to our kind
That is what we deserve
That is what everyone deserves.

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lotr's was cetainly an inspiration when i was writing this poem, im a big fan of lotr's and of poetry, so i combined the two. im working on some more.