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The Heart Remembers

The fires of youth may die away
then sink to ashes and embers.
High romantic dreams may vanish,
but the heart it just remembers.
The heart remembers everything,
the buried past is there.
The rapture of loves first delight,
the joy and despair.
The faces and the friendship,
and their names from, long ago,
lie beneath the drifting years
like leaves under snow.
It's at this point, the old road ends.
It's time to remember,
all family and friends.
The dropping of grudges,
and the casting a side,
of grievances, feuds
and petty pride.
The heart remembers,
when it has been broken
then patched up with,
some sort of token.
Is this the way to ask forgiveness,
when the words come hard to say.
The heart remembers,
how you tried your best,
and forgives you in every way.

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Delightful message contained, to forgive is to really take a risk on yourself but a risk that is always worth it.Love Duncan