The Heart's Ballad Of Despair

Poem By Amy Hopeless

I should pronounce the saddest words that ever slipped the confinements of your ear,
Yet my tone is uncomely and unwelcome and your ear is ever stubborn.
I should proclaim to the world of my long lost love that sways into an unknown life,
Yet by and by his heart swoons with new romance alas as mine withers and decays.
I should let not one salty teardropp fall in memory of such nonsense as us,
Yet in the core of my ugly heart I felt a fire unyielding and a love everlasting.
I should let my eye pass you unnoticed as if you were a seldom stranger,
Yet my blood pumps rapidly and all that I am suddenly cries out in agony for you.
I should bury my troubles six feet deep in everlasting hell and labor endlessly,
Yet I would cast my eyes upon heaven and smile as you boast triumphantly in yonder chapel.
I should know that my useless chit chatter results in nothing to you,
Yet these words pour from my dry lips as a dagger viciously stabs into ones heart.
I should not want to savour one last glimpse before I expire,
Yet I know as my last breathe draws into my battered lungs, I exhale for you and you alone.

Comments about The Heart's Ballad Of Despair

so great piece of writing.fantastic words 'useful' to understand. easy to be learned... but i think it's a little bit loooong..

2,8 out of 5
2 total ratings