YS (03/09/72 / bronx, new york)

The Heart That Spoke With Out A Word

You decorated my heart with love
singing a beautiful melody to my ear
i can see the shine in your eyes
right after tears came down your face
not pain, but for who you are
i read your sorrow, your pain
the agony of not being accepted
before i can say a yes
beautiful heart inside your soul
dont assume things with out a answer
for the answer you are looking for is in the silent
and in what i dont say, life is a riddle
for all to see, you have the cuality of love
compassion, beyond the soul and sorrow
you reach the limit of the life within your heart
to give and take, taking each and every breath away
as i sit beside you i hold your hand, i say....
please dont cry and look at my eyes reach deep down my heart
and what do you see?
i know what you want me to say.
but you dont really need to hear what you can feel
to understand me you must look deep
to be one you must interact, the other soul
become one and say no more
for love is and has no name no bares
no words no explanations
is better to show what you feel
then to say what you dream
you dont have to fight for a answer that is in your mind
when you can have my heart, mind and soul
dont ask anymore just hold my hand and rise
lets make this love fly...
fly high into the sky.

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