The Hearts Of True Champions

Everyday eyes watching you,
They watch from dawn to dusk.
You say something,
And everyone twists your words.
Why can’t they be just like kids?
Doing whatever you do, trying to be just like you.
Kids dreaming every night,
Of the day they’ll be like you,
You’re a kids’ idol,
To them you are the wisest of the wise,
In the kids minds,
No bad thoughts ever rise;
They will always believe you,
Praise everything you say and do,
They want to walk like you,
They want to talk like you,
And watching whatever you do,
Till the day he is like you.
There will always be a kid,
Trusting you’re always right,
With his ears wide open,
Watching from dawn to dusk,
Following your every move,
Trying to be just like you


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There is something very touching about this poem, how we pass on ideas and our ways from one generation to another, it's a great message. Seán