JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

The Heaven

This is a home of God the father,
The powerful God, the creator of the universe.
This is the place of one soul, who has a body of
Christian having a common faith and discipline,
Who has intimate fellowship with God.
A home of the blessed dead for supreme happiness.

An everlasting place to live, a complete;
The beautiful people, friendly affection of
Everyone spirit, a paradise that anyone
Want to see, the freedom of souls, the state
Of calm and quite, mode of concord between
Man and God.

A harmony of souls to perceive the greatest
Affection of creator. The ruler of the universe,
The bliss to require worship, the supreme value of
Man with God, one soul that conquer the greatest
Purpose of the earth. Heaven the kingdom of God.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
9 June 2000
9.00 AM

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