The Heavenly Ganges

It rises from the Himalayas High,
And flows under the God's eye;
It takes the plains in its bosom,
and makes its fertile banks blossom.

But Ganga's mourns we don't hear,
till doomsday is near;
Our nation's pride is in extremis,
we might forever lose its bliss.

Now a new age has arisen,
Ambitious Mr. Modi has a vision;
'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan', he says,
and promises to clean all its bays.

If truly for Ganges you care,
Step in front and take the Lion's share;
Be the Honcho and call a plastic ban,
alone you can't, but together we can!

by Nirmesh Raman

Comments (3)

Vernacular usage of words. Colloquial equilibrium is maintained throughout. Light tinges of ammateurism is seen. But the central theme is innate and ingenious. Way to go young doyens! Vishnu.
Thanks Gangadharan You Are true.
Ganges the great river of India ever it is great and holiest of all rivers.A nice description.