The Hedgehog

I'm so very very tired, and feel so, so very sleepy,
I've been eating well all summer thro,
its made me very heavy, and my eyes are all weepy.
Must find a place to snuggle up. Ah will this do?

This is new I haven't seen it before,
this heap of boxes and things, good to shelter in.
The wind is now so cold, its becoming a bore.
I'll just go inside. What a place! What's that din?

Oh its people. Help! The heap is moving,
someones hitting me with a stick,
Perhaps I'd better get out, go running
before it collapses. I call it a bit thick!

It shouldn't be allowed to happen, what a todo.
Ah, this looks more likely, lets explore.
Whats this, Rockets and Bangers Dangerous For You?
Ah well, someone shut out the light now for snooze once more.

I can't believe it, The cheek, the gall!
I'm being moved, once again I've been woken.
Ah this is better, another empty box with dried grass lining as well,
I tell you mates I'm in clover, never a truer word spoken. Hmmm...

by Doreen Dower

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