SJ (1991 / arizona)

The Heirarchy

We looked down on you,
like you were some old shoe,
some old torn up thing,
not worth much more then string,
and we saw how it hurt you,
with our glazed over eyes,
to us your emotions,
were just another,

We told you,
what to do,
with your current situation,
you said 'no',
but what we say goes,
we are the authority,
and will not be objected.

When you did not comply,
to our view of,
dealing with the situation,
a punishment and action,
had to be taken.

So our men went and found you,
wherever you had run off to,
and then we did some,
horrible thing to you,
what did we do again?
Oh well,
you deserved it,
and as for our authority,
you don't dare disturb it,
since our watchmen,
will be guiding you,
weather you like it,
or not.

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