The Heiress

I looked at her as she at me.
I blushed alone and looked away.
For a second there the world was still;
That stagnant flair for the moment's thrill.
My heart I gave for the klepto's steal.
That moment's twist was the view of kill.

She glittered gold from sole to crown.
The ride she owned was classed and heired
And the guards about were tough and stern
But her home for me it was open still
And a scented breeze was of flowers bloomed.

The view of wealth revived my shame
Which across the ages have remained the same
By the wizard's hand that have dealt me spells,
May his soul in hell be eternally damned!

But the world she owned and its holding poles
And that is known to be of god
So fear crept up my coward spine
And then I ran to the endless road
Where fear is fright and god is man -
Where my life is right and my dignity is stalled.

by Thabani Khumalo

Comments (3)

Thanks Thobani for sharing this with us. Nice poem.
You sure can tell a story in lines and stanzas...i like!
Nice work with the muse of love and life. Thanks for sharing.