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The Here And Now
( / Scotland)

The Here And Now

Poem By Alison Mary Dunn

We need time to stop and think
To read ourselves among the signs
Understand these lines we have written
And so reveal the message in them

Time to know who we’ve become
And time to let us make amends
Before ours all but ends
We just need time to find the time

We ask the clocks to slow their pace
Wherein abundant stars may shine
If only time would light the way
And so we pray for paths before us

So maybe someday we’ll find peace
To lie awake and greet the dawn
No longer afraid our dreams will pass
Or time will dance without us

And somehow in our letting go
We’ll learn that all we have is time
To love the here and now
And feel it’s present beauty

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It's about loving the here and now my friend! Thanks for sharing.