The Hero

Crossing the battlefield early today
Amidst bombs dropping, bullets flying,
I saw a soldier kneel to pray
Amongst the wounded and dying.

I could see a cross on his arm
As he knelt in the slimy mud,
He seemed not to show any alarm
Binding wounds, giving blood.

An enemy tank rumbled by
Crushing the wounded and the dead,
A soldier crying,"Am I going to die?
I'm badly wounded in my head."

The medic crawled over to him
Looked, then bowed his head in prayer,
He watched as the lad's eyes grew dim
Then covered the body with loving care.

A shell exploded at his side
Shrapnel ripped into his chest,
On the field the medic died
Thinking, "Lord, I did my best."

by Burnell Raphael

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thats pretty good, the latter section is quite impressive