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The Hiding Place
JAS (June 1965 / Clinton Iowa)

The Hiding Place

There is a place I’ve been hiding.
Beneath the sheets of fear and unknown.

I’ve imagined the monsters beneath my bed.
Incredible creatures I have seen. But only in my mind.

I peek out and scan the room.
Snapping the sheets back encasing me.
Just out of reach from their grasp.

Funny… I haven’t “actually” ‘seen’ them.
I felt them though. Or did I really?

I have seen them! Wait…
They were visions, but not vivid.
The colors are there.
The hideous shapes are distinct, but have no form.

Should I peek beneath my bed?
Dare I risk being consumed by them?

I cannot take that chance. I must look!

Peering out, the air is crisp.
The room familiar.

I roll to the edge aware of all my senses.

A grin forms on my face.

I lift the sheet so that I can see beneath me.
I know what to expect.

It is the dust that has collected.
I need to clean.

Time to grab a broom and sweep.


I feel ridiculous.

July 13,2004

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Made me smile......as to knowing you smiled at the end