IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The High Life

She pinned her shapeless hat in place.
Then stood before the fireplace
and gazed into the mirror bright.
To make quite sure that she looked right.

Before she ventured down the street
to purchase what she needs to eat.
A weekly trip she undertook
and perhaps change her library book.

The library first and then she’ll go
around the village to and fro.
The simple things she wants to buy
the village shops can well supply.

She’s shy and seldom stops to speak
This is the highlight of her week
She nods to neighbours on the street.
She will stop soon to rest her feet

She will outside the baker’s store,
she’ll do as she has done before
Beneath an awning find a seat.
Have tea and cakes her weekly treat.

She’ll sit and watch the world go by
surprised at how the hours fly.
Then quite content she’ll make her way
back home. She has enjoyed her day

Once back at home she’ll feed the cat
and carefully hang up her hat
Then put her groceries away
thus ends another shopping day.


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